The most known and spread securities. Stock is issued either for name. Part of stocks may be also inseparable coupons to get dividends.


Pre-printed securities

Secure printing focused on customers who do not require original design or need the product as soon as possible in small quantities. We produce even only one piece of security printing. The client has to just provide the text, eventually logo or other graphic feature. Again, it is possible to improve design and security by hologram, additional secure inks, etc. There are several alternatives of design and colours.

Pre-printed securities chooser


Certificates are printed in size of A4 or A5 of portrait and landscape. To improve significance of certificates we equip document by security feature such as aluminium foil, holographic foil or other technology according to client´s wish and needs.



Motivate your employees or partners! These products are used as currency to pay different services, shopping, etc. Vouchers are protect by most of available technologies and it is just up to client what kind of protection he choose.



The cheque is short term security paper issued by bank as accepted voucher to pay money. The law is given by Genova´s agreement. We produce bank and client cheques in sheets or in stitched book.


Bonds - debit notes

These are very common stocks. The bond issuer (state, bank, company) is a debtor, while the bond holder (investor) is a creditor. The issuer issues a bond in order to obtain long-term financial resources. Bond may be marketed at stock markets. Usually they contain a fixed or detached coupon sheet. Other types of bonds are divided according to the term of payment, type of issuer, or method of the coupon paying-out.

Bills of exchange

A bill of exchange is a credit stock, drawn up in a specific form, which stipulates the debtor's obligation, giving the bill of exchange owner an indisputable right to demand the specified amount of money to be paid within a specified period of time. The bills of exchange have two basic functions - the payment and securing functions - and they may be divided into promissory notes and foreign bills. Printed forms of our bills of exchange comprise faultless and legally comprehensive wording necessary for the bill of exchange acceptance and they are of uniform format.

Lottery tickets

The lottery tickets are preceded in very high attention. The stress is given not only to production but also reliability in ambient of criminalistics expertise. Our company does usual numbered lottery tickets or with scratch off layer.


Transport tickets

Transport ticket allows the holder to use public city transport vehicle. The most used document is a ticket. Optys produce tickets in stitched pads or tickets in reels.


Identification documents

Passports, certificates, licences, cards, vehicle´s documents, permits to entrance, custom forms, tax stamps, post stamps, etc.


Other production with protection against frauding

Tickets, warranty cards, school certificates, parking permits, time limited tickets, etc.


Protected document

It is a special secured document includes visible and invisible fibres to print important documents (purchasing contracts, mandatory contract, testaments, etc.) dedicated to companies and also to citizens. In addition there is a another security feature which is detected via laser detector what is verified when the documents is checked by criminalist expertizes.


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